Brandon Walsh

  1. Real Name: Jason Bradford Priestley
  2. Born:8/28/69 in Vancouver, B.C.
  3. Character: Brandon is the backbone of the show and has been termed by his friends as the glue that holds the 90210 gang together. After his initial difficulties with Beverly Hills, he became loved by many and liked by all. He has had small problems with drinking which lead to the demise of his first cherished car, he named Mondale and a night in jail. He also had a gambling problem which Nat bailed him out of. Brandon has always been intrested in journalism, from sports editor and co-chief of the Beverly Blaze to co-editor of the CU Condor, a brief stint as news director at CUtv and a year as student body president (junior year). He and Steve spent a year cultivating the Beverly Beat, a small paper given to Steve by Rush. He finally accepted a position on the Washington DC branch of the New York Chronicle. He has been the person all turn to when the chips are down and he always comes through. From Donna's expulsion from H.S. graduation, to Brenda's many problems, to Kelly's drug problem, to Andrea's getting to Yale, to Val's suicide attempt, to Ray's lawsuit against Joe, to Steve's current stupid stunt, even to Dylan's battle with drugs and alchohol and the death of his wife.
  4. Other:Guest spot on MacGyver, Regular role as Todd McKaffey on Sister Kate, as well as movie roles such as Willie in Tombstone, Calender Girl, and the Hitman. He has had a long time fascination with racing and has been competing in open wheel racing for 6 years, after he recovered from a bad crash sustained during a practice session, He had numerous injuries, including broken ribs and 2 broken feet. He is currently hosting a Discovery Channel series about hotrods, called Rides. He also starred in the TV movie, "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks", with fellow 90210 alums, Emma Caulfield and Cameron Bancroft. Jason has returned to direct multiple episodes of the new 90210, but does not want to appear on screen as Brandon.

Brenda Walsh

  1. Real Name: Shannon Daugherty
  2. born: 4/12/71 in Memphis, TN
  3. Character: Twin sister of Brandon, she was very alone when she first got to Beverly Hills, but soon became friends with Donna and Kelly, Steve, and Andrea. She met and dated Dylan MacKay, until she broke up with him, and he began to date Kelly Taylor.

    She went to Europe during her junior year summer, and had a short lived romance with Dean Cain of Lois and Clark fame, and eventually met and almost married the son of one of Jim's business partners, Stewart. Sometime after she broke it off with him, she got the lead role in a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and a subsequent spot in a London summer acting program. She was able to get admission to the program and is currently attending the London Academy of the Performing Arts. A letter Brandon recieved from Dylan indicated that he and Brenda might have gotten back together in London.

  4. post 90210: Several television movies, leading role in movie Mallrats, starred in the first few seasons of "Charmed" created by Aaron Spelling, until creative differences with the cast caused her to leave the show. She was replaced with Rose MacGowan. She moved on to host one season of a super-naturally themed practical joke show on the Sci-Fi Channel. Shannon returned as a multiple episode guest star on the new 90210, as Brenda Walsh, who came back to West Beverly to take over directing the school play as a favor to Kelly.

Jim and Cindy Walsh

  1. Real Name: James Eckhouse and Carol Potter
  2. Character: Jim and Cindy are all american parents. They moved to Beverly Hills after Jim got a new job in an investment firm. They had as much of a shock in adjusting to the people as thier children did. And just as their children did, they won the hearts of all of thier friends and associates. They were as understanding and supportive toward all of thier friends as well as the kids friends and families. They were sorely missed when they moved to Hong Kong as a condition of the promotion that doubled Jim's income and made him a partner in his firm. The agreed to leave Castle Walsh in Brandon's capable hands.
  3. other: James has had small roles in about two dozen movies and Carol has stared in the tv series based on the movie Harry and the Hendersons.

Clare Arnold

  1. Real Name: Kathleen Robertson
  2. Born: July 8, 1973 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  3. Character: Clare was a year younger than the gang, just like David, but she went to CU as a sophmore due to A.P. credit. She is the Chancellor's daughter and met Brandon and the gang when Brandon was on the Task Force. She tried to get Brandon, but was unsuccessful. She became Donna and Kelly's roomate after the Donna and David broke up. She later dated David, then David again, then Steve, then Dick, then Steve again, and left for Paris with her father.
  4. Other: Has done a few straight to video movies. Starred in the short lived tv series about 3 female lawyers who form a firm to take on injustice.

Andrea Zucherman and Jesse Vasquez

  1. Real Name: Gabrielle Anne Carteris and Mark Damon Espianoza
  2. born: she: 1/2/61 in Phoenix, AZ he: 6/24/65 in Beaumont,Texas
  3. previous: summers eve douche commercial, Raising Cain (1992)
  4. Character: She was shy all through high school, with a huge crush on Brandon, She was valadictorian, and Went to CU.

    She dated a few guys, and met Jessie at a wedding, where he was tending bar. They hit it off, and they started dating. She learned he was a law student at Berkley. She got pregnant and they were married. The baby was a preme named Hanna, and she made it. She left show to persue her talk show "Gabrielle", which was shortly cancelled, she has done a few tv guest spots, guest stared on the series JAG, she was also a cast member on the 2nd season of the VH1 reality show, the Surreal Life. Gabrielle has since suffered a partial stroke and incurred some facial paralysis as a result. Andrea is attending Yale as a pre-med student while Jesse interns at a law firm. Prior to his role on 90210, Mark graduated with a degree in economics and marketing from Lamar University. After working at Rockwell international in Dallas for one year, he made acting his career. He attended New York's CIRCLE IN THE SQUARE Theater program.

Ray Pruitt

  1. Real Name: James Walters
  2. born: 6/13/69 in ?
  3. Character: Ray Pruitt-construction worker/singer who caught Donna's eye. He dated Donna for about a year, but his violent streak was too much and he was unable to control himself.

    He knocked her down some stairs, and when he came to apologize, she tried to send him away, and he started to get violent, but Joe forced him to leave. After a brief attempt to sue Joe, he left to seek help and continue on with his musical career.

  4. previous: 501 Blues commercial, tv show the Heights
  5. other: Released self-titled album, hit songs "How do you talk to an angel", and "Hold On". He has been rebuilding his music career, which has struggled, in part due to the extremely negative fan reaction to his abusive 90210 character. He is currently employed as a firefighter. Jamie is now set to appear in a new reality series for former young hollywood stars that want to return to the business.

Carly Reynolds

  1. Real Name: Hillary Swank
  2. Born: ?
  3. Character: A single mom who moved to Beverly Hills to get a fresh start, she resisted dating to protect her son. Steve was smitten and after getting her a job at the Peach Pit and becomming fast friends with Zack, her son, she finally caved. They were very close, until her mother got sick, and she had to move back home to take care of her.
  4. Other: prior to 90210 she starred opposite Pat Morita in the Next Karate Kid, and has since done a television movie about hazing in sororities with Mark-Paul Gosslaar of Saved By the Bell, she went on to win an Academy award for a gender confused girl in "Boys Don't Cry." She recently starred opposite Al Pacino and Robin Williams in "Insomnia". And was seen in the scifi thriller "the Core". She won her second Oscar for her performance as a female boxer in the Clint Eastwood drama Million Dollar Baby. She was married to actor Chad Lowe, but divorced in 2007. She has completed work on an Amelia Earhart biopic.

Valerie Malone

  1. Real Name: Tiffani Amber Thiessen
  2. Born: 1/23/74 in Los Angeles, CA
  3. Character: Valerie came to live with the Walshes after Brenda decided to stay in London and study acting. She left Buffalo because her mother was in serious therapy after the suicide of her father. She has always been wild, with a taste for pot, which she soon kicked after Brandon took over household control when Jim and Cindy moved to Hong Kong. She has been through many men, because her schemes always disrupt her relationships, and the struggle after losing all her money to an ex-employee of Kelly's father, and comming to terms with her mother over the fact that Val's father sexually abused her, and mom knew and he was getting treatment and Val couldn't stand anymore and she killed him when he came for her again. She and Kelly will probably never be anything but enemies. But she can get along with the rest of the gang. I think that she felt she had to leave after Brandon left, because he was the only one who defended her when she screwed one of the others.
  4. Other: Starred in Saved by the Bell, Saved By the Bell: the College Years, and three SBTB tv movies as Kelly Kapowski, also many tv movies that focused on rape abuse and peer pressure. She played "Tracy" in the Pauly Shore movie, Son in Law. She is no longer dating Brian Austin Green, and is engaged to current boyfriend. She had been seen starring in "Fastlane," with Jenny Garth's husband, Peter, Facinelli. Prior to her television success, she did several commercials and won a regional teen beauty pagent in L.A.

Gina Kincaid

  1. Real Name: Vanessa Marcil
  2. Born: Indio, CA
  3. Character: Gina was a cousin of Donna's who came to live in California, after her mother passed away. She had been told her father had died long ago. She discovered she was the illegitimate daughter of Dr. Martin, and therefore a half sister to Donna. This just added to the perpetual tension between her and Donna, and after attempting to revive her skating career only to fall prey to her eating disorder, dating both David and Noah, she left to return to her home town.
  4. Other: Several years as Brenda on General Hospital, as well as a commercial contract with Head and Shoulders shampoo. She was also featured in "the Rock" with Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery. After she left 90210, she returned to her role on General Hospital. She played Sam Marquez for the run of the remake of the series "Las Vegas", which in this incarnation costarred James Caan, Josh Duhmel, Molly Sims and Nikki Cox.