Joe Bradley
  1. Real Name: Cameron Bancroft
  2. Character: Joe was the allstar quarterback of the CU football team, and liked Donna right away. One night, after the halloween party, he followed Donna and Ray home, where he witnessed Ray ranting and raving at her, and came to her aide when he tried to hit her. Ray then tried to hit Joe, who then fought back and threw Ray to the ground, causing him to sprain his wrist. He then filed charges against Joe. After the gang talked to Ray, he dropped the charges. When Donna and David shot a music video, in which she was featured, he was vey stubborn about her use of seductive poses and revealing clothes. After a series of instances, including fainting after a ride in a dogfight, he learned he had a heart condition. He eventually got surgery and recovered, but he had been dropped from the team, and after much soul searching, he proposed to Donna and decided to go home and coach his old high school football team. She tearfully refused, and he said goodbye and left anyway.
  3. other: He has done a Highlander: the series episode, a tv movie with Alyssa Milano about surviving in Alaska in a blizzard, and then was the astronaught "Zeke" in the short-lived series The Cape, he then joined a new Sci-Fi channel series. He also appeared in a Jason Priestley TV movie, I want to Marry Ryan Banks.


Camille Desmond
  1. Real Name: Josie Davis
  2. Character: She was a designer with a big jealousy streak. She worked for Donna at the boutique and dated David for some time, until David realized his true feelings for Donna.
  3. other: She was in Charles in Charge as the younger sister, sara, The Young and the Restless, the Titans, and has steadily worked in tv since, including guest appearances on Nash Bridges, Baywatch, and recently, the Division, on the lifetime channel.
Colin Robbins
  1. Real Name: Jason Wiles
  2. Born: April 25, 1970 (25) in Kansas City, Mo
  3. Character: An artist from New York, he met Kelly in NY after she broke up with Brandon. He moved out to LA, and continued to have trouble with drugs. After ending his relationship with a rich older woman who paid for his expenses so he could qaint, he got a job at CU teaching. During that time Kelly was again hurt by her father who has no respect for her, and Colin got her hooked on drugs as well. Eventually she got clean and he refused to get clean too, so they broke up. No sooner then he broke up with Kelly, Valerie started making a move on him. He tried to get straight, but he agreed to drive a friend to pick up some cocaine, but they caught him. She paid for his bail and a lawyer, and he got 2 yrs. He fled, and eventually got caught.
  4. Other: Roadracers-1994-Teddy,Higher Learning 1995-Wayne, Windrunner-1993-Greg, "Always" 1995-Bon Jovi Video-Artist, He starred as Officer Boscarelli, for the complete run of "Third Watch" on NBC.


Susan Keates
  1. name: Emma Caulfield
  2. born: April 8th, 1973 in San Diego, CA.
  3. char: Editor of the Condor, the CU paper, and after proving to her that he deserved it, Brandon got a column. After working together for a few weeks, he finally got a date, and they went out for almost a year. Her old boyfriend Jonathan came back and made a major play for her. After several weeks of this, we learned that she had been pregnant by Jonathan, and had an abortion. She dismissed him once and for all. They got along great for quite a while. Brandon gave up a job in New York with a national newspaper for a summer with her, but the next summer she would not give up the opportunity to work on the president's election committee, and she and Brandon broke up the day after Steve's 21st birthday party, right before she left for D.C.
  4. other: Lorraine Miller (96-97) on General Hospital, and Anya(98-03) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Caitlin in Darknes Falls (2003). She recently appeared along side Cameron Bancroft in a Jason Priestley TV movie, I Want to Marry Ryan Banks.
Emily Valentine
  1. Real Name: Christine Elise
  2. Character background: She moved to West Beverly during Brandons junior year, and both Brandon and Dylan were interested in her, but Brandon won. She slipped Brandon a drug called Euphoria at an illegal rave, and he had to take a cab home, and when he went back to get his car, it was totally stripped. He dumped her, but she couldn't handle rejection, so when psycho and almost torched the float the gang made. She was put in a mental hospital, and then she left for San Fransisco. He caught up with her during Thanksgiving of his freshman year in college, and then she went to Paris to study marine biology. She returned to the untied States, to continue her education in San Fransisco, and during a layover in L.A. she and Brandon met and made out.
    Kelly found out he had seen her, and did not want to see Brandon. So he went back to Em and Kelly went to the party where the fire broke out and she was burned.
  3. Beyond 90210: After 90210 she played a intern on the hit drama ER, she was the love interest of John Carter, played by Noah Wiley. In real life, she dated Jason Priestly for several years and had a lead on a short lived firefighter series.


Sofie Burns
  1. Real Name: Laura Leighton
  2. Character background: Sofie was a "struggling actress who dated David, while he tried to help her career.
  3. Pre 90210: She spent several seasons playing the nasty Sidney on another Aaron Spelling show, Melrose Place.
  1. Real Name: Elisa Donavon
  2. Character background: Ginger was a friend of Valerie from Buffalo, who as with Val was sweet to people's face, but mean underneath. However, she had no redeeming qualities. She helped Val scam her way back into the gang's good graces, but later returned and blackmailed Val to keep quiet, eventually costing Val her relationship with David, just to see if she could.
  3. Pre 90210: She was in the movie and series Clueless, and then on Sabrina the Teen Age Witch.

The Marchettes

Character: After Dylan escaped the movie producer who wanted to kill him, he discovered that Jack MacKay's killer was a mob boss Tony Marchette. In order to gain access to Marchette, he decided to get close to his kid, who turned out to be a beautiful woman, and he fell so in love with her he decided to give up trying to kill her father, and marry her. Her father couldn't handle it, so he tried to have Dylan killed, but she was in Dylan's car, and got killed instead. Dylan was so sad, he gave Brandon the condo to take care of, and rode off on his motorcycle.

Stanley previously worked on Melrose Place as Heather Lockear's boss, until he committed suicide, he played the psychiatrist on the hit USA series, Monk, until his death in 2008. Rebecca has appeared in the movie Jawbreakers opposite Rose MacGowan, and the feature film, Urban Legends. Rebecca is married to Eric Dane, of Grey's Anatomy.

>Toni Marchette >Tony Marchette

Rebecca Gayheart

Stanley Kamal
Erica MacKay
  1. Real Name: Noley Thorton
  2. character: She met Dylan when she and Suzanne showed up on his door step soon after Jack died. Suzanne claimed that Jack was Erica's father, although she never proved it. Dylan got real close and just before Kevin and Suzanne disappeared to Brazil, Erica left a note in the airport bathroom telling Dylan where she was. She was seen briefly after the money was recovered, but not since. She reappeared during season 8 (a different actress) as a teen-aged prostitute, and after Brandon and Kelly rescued her and got her pimp arrested, they arranged for her to return to Dylan and Iris in Hawaii.
  1. Real Name:?
  2. Character: Tara was a young drug addict who became Kelly's roomate at rehab. She was so delighted to have a friend at first but after she left rehab she moved in with Kelly at the Beach house and became like a stalker. She got her hair cut and died like Kelly, she killed her fish, and screwed up her boyfriends, tried to make out with Brandon, and finally tried to kill herself and Kelly by carbon monixide poisoning. Finally she was commited so she would get the help she needed.
Jackie Taylor
  1. Real Name: Ann Gillespie
  2. Character: Very rich former model, divorced mother of Kelly, and baby Aaron, David's half sister. She was a socialite until she made a fool of herself by getting high right before a fashion show in which she was MC. She got clean and sober, and married David's dad Mel Silver, enter baby Erin. They divorced and she kept the baby. She currently appears every once in a while, last time to help Kelly with the modeling thing, and lately to help Kelly get clean.
  3. Beyond 90210: Numerous movies, including Valerie Flake, and the Gambler movies, Also the television series Sunset Beach, as Shelly Thomas. Ann reprised the role of Jackie Taylor in the new 90210, where Kelly is a highschool teacher and young daughter Erin is now a high school student.
Mel Silver
  1. Real Name: Matthew Laurence
  2. Character: Divorced dentist with an over active libido, he was divorced initally for cheating on his wife, and lost Jacky Taylor for the same reason. He is good to his kids, hut feels too great a need to indulge himself. He finally gave David an ultimatum, stay in school or pay your own rent. He has been very supportive of David's treatment for slight depression he got from his mother. He and Jackie are friends again.
  3. Beyond 90210: Has had many small or supporting roles in movies, such as the Eddie and the Cruisers movies.
Samantha Sanders
  1. Real Name: Christina Belford
  2. character: Former television actress best known for her role on the Hartley House, she spends her time as a debutant, and lavishes gifts on Steve. She is only his adopted mother, but his biological mother is deceased. She eventually decided she was gay, which took Steve some time to accept.
Rush Sanders
  1. Real Name: Jed Allen
  2. character: Rush is Steve's natural father. He did not know that Steve's mother gave him up for adoption, and she died soon after. He had remarried, and arranged to adopt Steve. He didn't tell Steve till he was 21. He has remarried again and has two step sons who he ocassionally dumps on Steve to look after, one of whom is Randy Spelling who played for a short time on another Spelling series, Malibu Shores. Rush is also a K.E.G. fraternity alum.
Iris MacKay
  1. Real Name: Stephanie Beacham
  2. character: Iris is divorced from Jack, Dylan's late father. She has lived in Hawaii for many years and created a trust to pay Dylans expenses and to set him for life when he became old enough. She used all of the 12 or so million dollars Jack had gotten illegaly before he went to prison. She has come back several times to help him like when Jack was killed and when he almost died of drugs and a car accident.
  3. Beyond 90210: Prior to Iris McKay, Stephanie played doctor Wesphalin opposite Roy Schieder on Seaquest DSV.
Dr. and Felice Martin
  1. Real Name(s): Katherine Cannon and Michael Durrell
  2. character: We never learn much about him except that his mother is a free spririt that encourages her to go with her heart when Donna feels confused about her relationship with David. Dr. Martin is a vascular surgeon, who aided in the surgery to fix a defect in Joe Bradely's heart. Felice loves Donna, but she is overly suspicious of everyone, and refused to believe that Donna can make good decisions on her own. She was part of the Rose Court that Donna competed in in season 6, and was forced to leave the final competition due to an unexpected pregancy. She also made an ultimately unsucessful attempt to turn Donna into a Debutant, there by neccesitating Donna leaving school during the beginning of Season 5. She has also had a long standing aversion to David. This largly unfounded aversion has seemed to lighten at the close of Season 7. Dr. Martin died of a heart attack and Felice was able to pull it together, but only after selling the family home.
Cancellor Arnold
  1. Real Name: Nicholas Pryor
  2. Character: Clare's father is the Chancellor of CU, and we first me Clare because of her father's relationship with Brandon, when he was on that task force. He helped Steve with the plagerism incident that he got Brandon and himself involved in. He met Samantha Sanders after Clare and Steve started dating and they dated for a while. He was quite smitten, and talked about her all the time. Later, she decided not to see him anymore and he was quite hurt, and this pain of his was the source of alot of tension between Clare and Steve. After Their senior year, the Chancellor was given a position at a school in Paris, and after struggling to deal with the death of her mother at an early age, Clare went to Paris with him.
  3. Nicholas can frequently be seen as a government official in various hollywood films.
LuAnn Pruitt
  1. LuAnn is a simple single mother who smokes too much and thinks that her son is perfect. She does a good job of supporting him, but gets too involved sometimes. She is also convinced that anyone who disagrees with Ray is evil and must be destroyed. She was a major force behind his pressing charges against Joe after he had to save Donna from Ray's violent temper.