90210 I.Q. Quiz #3

Multiple Choice (10 points each)
1. Who did Ian marry?
Claire - Kathleen Robertson
Brenda - Shannon Dougerty
Nikki - a Playboy bunny
Janet Reno - former Attorney General
2. Who has begun a second career in open wheel racing?
Luke Perry
Jason Priestley
Brian Green
Vincent Young
3. Gabrielle Carteris appeared in an episode of what popular series?
4. Shannon Dougherty again left Aaron Spelling in the lurch when she abruptly left what show?
the New Loveboat
Charlies Angels
5. Luke Perry currently stars in a time travel series with what 80s tv star?
Emmanuel Lewis
Mayim Bialik
Soliel Moon Frye
Malcom Jamal Warner
6. Jennie Garth has a new tv series and a new husband since 90210. What fellow 90210 alum
costars with her new husband Peter?
Tori Spelling
Vincent Young
Tiffani Thiessen
Kathleen Robertson
7. Which is NOT an Aaron Spelling series?
Melrose Place
Models, Inc.
the Palisades
8. What was the name of the short lived sitcom costaring Kathleen Robertson?
the Man show
Dog eat Dog
Girl Power
Fear FActor
9. What is the name of Brian Austin Green's first album?
One Stop Carnival
Brian Shizzle Grinizzle
Who said I could sing?
Road to Disaster
10. Who has NOT gotten married?
Luke Perry
Shannon Dougherty
Tori Spelling
Jennie Garth

After hitting the submit button, you will be told the questions you got incorrect and why as well as your total grade.