About Us

When the world was first introduced to the world wide web, back in college, we realized what a powerful tool they had created to market ideas, products and services. We had an advantage in that we are based in Champaign-Urbana Illinois, the home of the NCSA (National Center for SuperComputing Applications). They were the creators of the graphical internet browser, Mosaic. Being at the center of these events, we were among those who got the first look at webpages and their design. It wasn't long before big business caught the bug and now virtually any sucessful business has a web presence.

Since our beginning, in March of 1994 we have created some of the finest web designs in the Central Illinois area. We began with little or no graphic design capabilities, html version 1 and NCSA's Mosaic, which at the time was the only browser available. We evolved as the market and the technology expanded and evolved.

We worked closely with Cambert Ltd. in 1995, and then with Lindner International in 1996.

In 1996 we also added a graphic designer to our staff and expanded into java and cgi programming. In 1998 we again responded to the changing nature of the world wide web and its customers, and began offering database applications.
Extensive work with Microsoft's .NET platform and SQL Server allow us to offer a wide range of database solutions, ranging from shopping carts and catalogs to bulletin boards and real estate listings.
We continue to bring the latest technologies to the table in order to develop websites with the same flair for creativity which brought us our initial success, but have augmented it with cutting edge technogies to bring more of your ideas to life.

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