Our service is to create the most effective and pleasing online presence for your company. In our quest to do so, we utilize the most up-to-date technologies and design concepts together with a talented and creative team of programmers and graphic designers to bring the information you wish to convery to life. We will work with you to create a website that can accomplish any task you need it to handle as well as being clean, professional and pleasing to the eye.

We Offer various technologies and multimedia presentation formats.
  • Sofisticated layout features

    We can take advantage of the newest programming features of HTML and dynamic HTML to build an online brochure exactly as the printing company has done on paper, or to create an unique viewing experience.

  • Dynamic Content

    Using a various editions of the Hypertext language used to construct websites, dynamic HTML, XHTML, and CSS can provide a new level of functionality by allowing programmers to utilize a "3rd Dimension" which gives us the power to create visualeffects which previously required plug-in programs to be installed by the users, and frequently took considerable time to download.

  • CGI Programming

    In the creation process we strive to create webpages that are bound only by imagination, rather than technology. In order to bring us closer to that goal, we make frequent use of several internet geared programming languages:

    1. Java - A useful language for creating sofisticated graphic functions as well as one option for user interaction or data processing.
    2. Javascript - a cousin to Java, javascript works closely with Dynamic HTML to provide a truely interactive palette from which to create webpages with the freedom we previously enjoyed while designing ads in print.
    3. Perl - An intermidiary between full-fledged programming as with java or traditional cgi and the much simpler scripting with javascript.
    4. Php - an open source competitor to the .Net platform.
    5. Visual Basic Scripting - a language with a long history, it has been adopted by Microsoft as it's primary devlopment language.
    6. ASP and ASP.NET - Active Server Pages allow us to perform complex operations at the server level, thereby removing much of the workload from the user's browser.
    7. Database Architecture - utilizing a variety of structures such as Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server we can build tools to create and maintain complex database solutions.

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